Mom Monday: Learning While Working Full-Time

Working full-time as a parent of three is hard enough on its own. Learning to code and study UXD on top of that… pfff! Are you kidding me? How?? When??? I’m still trying to figure it out.

Code Newbie features a few interviews with working parents who managed to learn to code at night and on weekends. Kudos to them for making it work, but that’s prime family time for me! If I’ve learned nothing else by having my kids 5 years apart, I’ve learned that kids grow up incredibly fast. You have to take notice because childhood is gone before you know it. Then you’re stuck with brooding pre-teens who want nothing to do with you…

I’ve currently written learning time into my daily breaks – during lunch and while I’m pumping, and I’m noticing that it’s difficult to switch my focus so drastically in the middle of the day for small chunks of time. I can’t achieve “flow.”

What works for you? How do you find time to learn?


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