Thursday Thanks: Free Coding Resources

I’m a big fan of Udemy courses. I sign up for them when they’re like $10. I’ve even finished a few of them.

I’d love to participate in a full-time bootcamp, but what working parent really has the time (or the $)?

So, I did the next best thing. I went to YouTube and Amazon.

On YouTube, you can find free videos – even series of videos that teach you how to make cool products and features.

I’ve been watching these and coding along:

I don’t want to just copy these to add to my portfolio – I’m copying them to learn more about Javascript. I want to use my knowledge of building them to build something new (although I don’t know what that is yet).

I’ve also discovered that I can get some books for free through Amazon Prime. I’m currently reading The Coaching Habit through the Kindle app. (It’s okay. The author is funny and his rational for his essential coaching questions really resonates with me, but I don’t think his coaching questions would work universally.)

Those are the latest free resources I’m thankful for, what are yours?


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