Mom Monday: Practical Skills Learned in the Dark

Why, hello! Long time, huh?

Time flies when you’re puking and exhausted. That’s right, folks! I’ve been MIA the past 7 months because I’m UBER pregnant. In fact, baby is due in about 9 days (which means it can come anytime).

Despite going dark on my blog for many months, I actually have been developing my coding skills. Here’s what I’be been working on (including the resources I’ve used):

Learning Resources

  • Women Who Code Meetup: I wish I could attend more of these, but my first experience was transformative. What I learned:
    • Learning to code doesn’t follow the same learning trajectory that one would expect in a traditional educational environment. It isn’t linear. You do sprints in different languages, depending on what you’re working on.
    • The most important thing is not to be an expert or know everything about a language. The most important thing is to have a system to quickly access the information you need when you need it.
  • UX Design/Human-Centered Design: I’ve been reading The Design of Everyday Things, which has been fascinating!
  • Human-Centered Design: I’ve been taking the course Introduction to Human-Centered Design from (through +Acumen). It requires way more interaction than I am able to provide at 9 1/2 months pregnant, but I’m really enjoying it.

Current Projects

  • Responsive Website Design Using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap: I developed a website for my husband based on a project from the Udemy course “Build Modern Responsive Website with HTML, CSS3 & Bootstrap” by Irfan Dayan.

So far, I’ve worked with some parallax scrolling and CSS hovering features. (Apparently, you cannot import videos using a free WordPress account anymore… BOO!)

I’ve also developed a carousel:

I’m still seeking clarity around what I want to do specifically, and I’m not finding the answer externally. I realize I need to identify this for myself and just go for it, but it’s hard.

Sometimes it feels like I’m moving at a snail’s pace in a thousand different directions instead of one. essentialism

New Skill Learned: CSS: hover features |
JS Bootstrap: parallax scroll, wow.JS, Slick, navbar, footer, contact form


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