Mom Monday: Organizing Blog Posts

I spent a little time stalking professional bloggers this weekend.

I want to make my posts more structured and systematic. Less organic and random, more ‘I-know-what-the-F-I’m-doing.’ Right?

I think my current blogging trend highlights the randomness of my approach to learning recently. I’m using multiple resources and focusing on multiple related skill sets at that same time, which feels appropriate for what I’m trying to do, but it secretly irks my INFJ tendencies. Plus, I think structuring my posts more will help me structure myself more…


What did I learn?

  • Pro bloggers use editorial schedules. Brilliant!
  • They carefully consider post times and words for blog titles – this feels totally out of my wheelhouse right now (and I’m okay with that).
  • Several pro bloggers (who are also mommies) have even come up with lists of blog post ideas! What an incredible webby world we live in! (I’ve pinned some links on my Tech > Blog board.

What are my next steps?

  • I developed the types of posts I want to write:
    • Mom Mondays – These posts are where I sprinkle in my mommihood and personal adventures.
    • Tech Tuesdays – These posts highlight my latest projects and newly acquired skills, which follow a specific learning pathway recommended by a front end acquaintence.
    • Thursday Thanks – These posts share resources, freebies and inspirational quotes I’ve come across.
  • I need to develop an editorial schedule with blog topics to post. (I’ll share that next week! Ha – I already have a topic for next Mom Monday!)

What have been your best takeaways about blogging?

New Skill Learned: Blogging: Editorial Schedule


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