Web Design Notes: Brackets, balsamiq, and Bay to Breakers

{ The teacher in me LOVES alliteration. }

I’m sitting in bed, wrapped in KT tape and surrounded by ice packs. It’s a decade-old tradition for my dad and I to run Bay to Breakers, and this year I was not prepared. Still, it’s always a blast.

Credit: Runner’s World | Matthew Reamer

To learn more about Web Design, I:

  • Completed the Udemy course “Programming for Entrepreneurs – HTML & CSS” by Pablo Farias Navarro.
  • Started the Udemy course “Build Modern Responsive Website with HTML, CSS3 & Bootstrap” by Irfan Dayan. ($10 – a steal!)
  • Continue to practice my skills using the Brackets code editor.
  • Play around on the Lrn app whenever I have a free moment.

I’m really enjoying Dayan’s class so far. He moves at a consistent pace and explains things explicitly. I haven’t gotten lost so far…

In the class, I’ve learned:

  • How to access Chrome developer tools – I don’t know what to do with them, but know where they are!
  • How to add extensions in Brackets – Again, this is some crazy realm that I barely know exists… Looking forward to that changing.
  • How to build wireframes in balsamiq – Really fun!


New Skills Learned: balsamiq | Adding extensions in Brackets


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