Podcast Notes: Bootcamps & Being Frustrated


Here’s the latest version of my first website:

Version 2

Here’s the first iteration:

Version 1

Applying CSS has definitely helped with the overall design. I’m continuing to learn, which is very exciting! (Sometimes it feels like I’m not making enough progress, but seeing these images side by side helps…)

Podcast Takeaways


I have never done a bootcamp. Have you?

I’m really on the fence about enrolling in one… mostly because of the money. Online, it seems like most folks in forums do not recommend. In the podcasts I’ve been listening to, however, folks are very bootcamp-happy. I’m hearing a lot about folks quitting their “day jobs” to enroll in a bootcamp. I am not entirely in the position to do that, but I really want to hear from someone first hand!

Bootcamps and meetups are mentioned a lot in the podcasts I’m listening to. I signed up for my local Women Who Code network. It seems like they offer lots of meetups, which is great.

Having a free evening to attend is another thing. As a parent, free time is a rarity. My husband and I usually navigate this like two kids at the lunch table:
“I’ll trade you ____ for ____.” Sounds silly, but it totally works…

Being Frustrated

In episode one of Code Newbie, guest Carlos Lazo talks about how he sees his job as developer as being in a constant state of frustration. You’re always learning something new, debugging, and overcoming obstacles.

Hearing him describe developing this way was really helpful. I don’t have much experience in this field, but it makes the frustration I have felt like part of the job. It’s relieving. If you haven’t heard this episode before, I definitely recommend!


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