Podcast Notes: No Pro Bono & Make Friends

To learn more about the tech industry, I started following different folks on Twitter, but I’m not a consistent Twitter user… I find it pretty overwhelming. It could be that I started following a bunch of different people who do different things. More on that in a bit…

So, I found some tech-specific podcasts that I could listen to on the way to work or when tidying up the house:

I also found some podcasts for female entrepreneurs who are also moms!

In one of the first few episodes of Learn to Code with Me, Laurence talks with Adda, the CEO and founder of Skillcrush about learning to code (with an emphasis on building websites). She also talks with an anthropologist-turned-software-developer.

My Learning Takeaways

  • Don’t give away your product for free, and don’t ask friends or family to do do that either.
  • Befriend an experienced coder – you can learn from them and they’ll pass off projects they don’t have the time or bandwidth for.
  • Join a network – it will cut down your learning time by a quarter.
  • Many folks who turn to coding have some exposure to it along the way, and their interests and skills increase over a few years.
  • Even if you are just starting, you need a portfolio website.

Defining the Pathway

I’m still trying to figure out what tech skills I’m really drawn to. Part of this exploration has inspired me to learn about a bunch of things at once. This strategy has some appeal, but I’m learning from my new-favorite-book-in-the-world, essentialism, that this strategy tends to look (and feel) like this:
This is the work of a “non-essentialist.” With an exhaustible source of energy, you make small movements in all areas. You become overwhelmed by lack of progress and are susceptible to burn out. On the flip side, you have this:
This is what you want – a bulk of your energy going to a single objective and resulting in a lot of movement. This is the work of an “essentialist.”

This is what I’m striving for – identifying a tech position I love and going for it 1000%.

What has been your experience? Have you ever spent time trying to move in many directions – only to find you can make limited progress? Have you had experience dedicating a bunch of time and resource to a single objective? What was the outcome?


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