HTML Notes: My First Website

I’m certainly not done with my User Experience Design learning pathway, but I needed a break to focus more on doing than reading.

To learn more about HTML, I’m:

  • Taking the Udemy course “Programming for Entrepreneurs – HTML & CSS” by Pablo Farias Navarro.
  • Practicing my skills using the Brackets code editor.
  • Playing around on the Lrn app whenever I have a free moment. This app is pretty cool. It’s free and covers everything from HTML to Ruby and Python. It’s not extensive (and over scaffolds a bit), but I love the UXD – crystal clear and straight to the point.

This Week’s Learning

Using the HTML editor in WordPress has been great – it’s helped with my coding fluency (if that’s a thing), but I want the experience of building a site from scratch.

So, I’m returning to an old Udemy course I completed some years back. It’s felt like visiting an old friend. I did, however, have to stop and research a few things, like “Where do you save your index.html file?” Storing it on my hard drive was not intuitive, and I had to search 10 different resources before finding it!

In the course, Navarro recommends Brackets as a code editor. I did a little research, and it turns out that tons of folks recommend Brackets as well, so I started to play around with it. It didn’t take too long to figure it out. I had to watch a YouTube video to get an overview of the layout and features, but I was able to quickly apply my HTML learning from the Lrn app to Brackets.

As you can see below, my first site is not pretty (yet!), but I’m using it to store all the code I learn to reference for future use… Wait, is that what toolkit is??


All of this took place over three days. After work each day, after dinner and bath time, I’d spend a couple of hours researching and playing around. Each time I hit a road block, it was pretty frustrating. Road blocks help you grow, but with limited time, it feels like “two steps forward, one step back.” If I wasn’t so excited (and stubbornly devoted), I could see how folks trying to learn skills for a new career on their own would get give up.

New Skill Learned: HTML: Creating index.html doc! Also, creating tables, text forms, radio forms, and drop selection! | CSS: Starting a style.css file! Also, image borders in WP!


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