Defining the Learning Pathway

Resource for Defining the Path

I took a free webinar through Skillcrush that provides strategies for earning money while you learn, as well as opportunities to work remotely. The guide is really helpful. I highly recommend subscribing!

(By the way, in order to link that Skillcrush PDF, I discovered that you have to only select the PDF link up to “.pdf” and paste that into the anchor tag. Figured that out on my own!)


The Recommended Pathway

  1. Get some design skills under your belt.
  2. Get coding skills under your belt.
    • I’ve purchased a few courses (for free) from Udemy on HTML5 and CSS3.
    • I’ve written these blog posts solely in HTML view! If I don’t know how to do something, I look it up! (The exception thus far has been when importing photos, which isn’t a clear process through WP… yet.
  3. Apply newly acquired skills to learning about mobile development.
    • Will need to take a course.
  4. Get some WordPress skills!
    • Already started! 🙂
    • Will need to take a course.
  5. Get some JavaScript, jQuery, and API skills.
    • Will need to take a course.
  6. Get some Ruby skills.

My Timeline

For a variety of reasons, I’ve established a timeline of 18 months to do all of this. This is because yesterday I found out that I’m… pregnant. That’s child #3 for me – totally unplanned. We are thrilled and it accelerates our plans for the future (as well as my priorities cited in an earlier post).

In order for this to happen, I need to map out a timeline for each step of the process….

New Skill: HTML: Identifying links for anchor tag


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